About Xavier School


When a child leaves his family to attend Xavier, he encounters an environment which has been carefully developed to provide ample opportunity for your child to experience success. Each new and exciting task has been planned to strengthen the child’s budding self-concept, and as in the home, nurture it and encourage it to grow.Teachers at Xavier share the commitment to bring a glow of success to a child’s face as they continuously evaluate student progress in areas of growth and development. Our teachers, are enthusiastic educators, are skilled observers of children. Their goal is to make the classroom environment a warm, welcoming place. They see your child first as an individual, but also as a member of a special and familiar group. The teachers here have been chosen because of their intuitiveness, creativity, abilities to guide, to reinforce, to monitor, and to care for your child. Each shares a commitment to the field of early childhood care and education with her own special talents to contribute to what becomes a group effort of assisting you in raising your child. The children are busy and happy. Their natural curiosity leads them to explore, and the carefully prepared activities along with the guidance of the teacher insure success and self-satisfaction.


About Xavier School of Delaware