Programs: Preschool

The Xavier Preschool program accepts children ages 3 years to 5 years. The preschool program provides an educational play-based curriculum to stimulate your child’s environment enabling them to become active learners. Your child has the opportunity to experiment and explore to enhance their individual progress.

Children in the preschool program are active learners and we provide opportunities for children to explore the environment and learn. Because of the mixed-age class, children are separated into two groups, a 3 year old group and a 4-5 year old group, and teachers provide age appropriate lessons and activities for each group. Children in the preschool program also engage in child-initiated free play. Toys are stored on low open shelves making access easy for children. There are many centers in the classroom that children can access daily, including dramatic play, book corner, sensory table, and manipulatives.

The teachers in the preschool program provide children with a structured day that includes teacher-directed activities and child-initiated free play. The Xavier teachers help children to become active learners and support their learning throughout the day.

At Xavier we understand that each child develops differently and through different planned activities. We observe and assess children in order to meet the needs of all children.

Delaware preschool program children 3 to 5