Xavier School Programs

The infant room at Xavier accepts children ages six weeks through 12 months of age. The infant program is designed to provide a loving and nurturing environment with warm, caring and experienced teachers.  Infants need a lot of TLC from patient and gentle providers in order to “trust the world around them” and help them grow into emotionally healthy and happy children… READ MORE

The toddler program at Xavier accepts children who are 12 months and walking through 24 months.  This is an exciting time for children as they begin talking, forming relationships with other children, and refining their motor skills.  The toddler classroom at Xavier is designed to help children develop new skills and improve existing ones.  A daily schedule for the toddler classroom provides children with consistency and predictability, but is also flexible enough to accommodate individual toddler’s needs… READ MORE

The preschool I program at Xavier accepts children who are between the ages of 24 and 36 months.  Children are beginning to talk in sentences and express needs, ask questions, and recite simple rhymes. They will participate in conversations and share their thoughts. Children understand action words and they like to communicate often using big words to describe their actions. Preschoolers learn to communicate in sentences and sometimes paragraphs. They are learning to apply their communication skills through reading and writing… READ MORE

The Xavier Preschool program accepts children ages 3 years to 5 years.  The preschool program provides an educational play-based curriculum to stimulate your child’s environment enabling them to become active learners. Your child has the opportunity to experiment and explore to enhance their individual progress… READ MORE


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